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About Afro Health Connect

Afro Health Connect is a digital health social enterprise that recently participated in Smarter Than Corona Challenge and emerged finalist in the 2020 Social Impact Awards.

We offer affordable, and reliable, state of the art virtual health service on a push of a button by connecting you to a network of healthcare providers: doctors, pharmacists, nurses, allied health professionals, dieticians, fitness and wellness experts. With this pandemic raging on the globe, Covid-19 has changed how we think about health and safety, every in-person contact and interaction outside your home puts you at risk. Telemedicine is a powerful and critical tool during any crisis. A we face this new reality, on a push of a button, we offer away to reduce the risk and maximize care along with other benefits such as delivering drugs to your doorstep, and carrying out preventive care visits at the comfort of your home.

Free consultation services are only available for the vulnerable groups especially women and children who register through Hygieia Foundation a registered nonprofit entity extending digital health services to women and children living in hard-to-reach areas in Karamoja. We are looking for more partners to volunteer as we continue to embark on this journey. There are women and children in dire need of basic healthcare services in rural areas.

While the doctor to patient ratio still remains high, telehealth has opened the supply of those available to reach out to a broader audience through videoconferencing, audio-conferencing, text messaging, and SMS, allowing them to attain a geographic load balancing as far as healthcare provision is concerned. The front-line health workers who stay at home under 14 day mandatory quarantine are able to provide medical advice remotely allowing other health workers focus their undivided attention to patients who need advanced procedures especially in resource-limited settings.

Our online drug store is open 24/7/365, we deliver to your doorstep. Mobile clinic services are available once every month for all our members. Choose from a wide range of products sourced from your favorite neighborhood pharmacies. Authorization Prescriptions are available for students, women and children who sign up for support. Our pharmacist is available to offer drug counseling and verification of prescriptions.

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