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Hygieia Foundation

Hygieia Foundation is a registered non profit entity affliated to Hilder Otita Co Ltd and Afro Health Connect.

The organization aims to establish community insurance schemes, pro bono healhcare services to women in reproductive age, mothers and their children who are unable to access basic medical care. We have partnered with Afro Health Connect to offer free services to members who sign up with Hygieia Foundation.


What We Do

  1. We offer professional and financial support to women who may need surgical interventions (Emergency and Elective Surgery).

  2. We cover 60% of the total cost on drugs purchased through Afro Health Connect Drug Store

  3. We offer free medical consultation service to our members.

  4. We distribute and teach women and girls how to make reusable sanitary pads that are eco-friendly

  5.  We run health campaigns on social media platforms.

Image by Piron Guillaume

Health Projects

  1. Hygieia Community Health Insurance Scheme fro artisanal miners.

  2. Hygieia Surgical Pro Bono Initiative.

  3. Virtual Mobile medical services for Maternal and Child health.

  4. Research on Fibroids

  5. Hygieia Mentrual Hygiene Initiative.

  6. Education Fund for Women in Medicine and Girls in STEM

  7. School Health Programs.

  8. Hygieia Nutrition Initiative.



On 25 July, one of our beneficiaries, a 26 year old female with acute appendicitis needed an emergency surgery to remove the appendix, our volunteer, a general surgeon called Dr Michael Oling offered to do the procedure for free. The patient was asked to cover other medical costs; The total amount for surgery was over 3.5 M UGX, being an unemployed young woman she could not foot the bills. Hygieia Foundation covered professional fee offered by the surgeon and 50% of the costs incurred by the hospital during her stay in the facility. The patient has healed and is well.

During Surgery
After Surgery with our beneficiary
Reusable pads for young women
A woman at her home in Nakiloro
Selfie with young women in Nakabaat Mining site
Elderly women and children
WhatsApp Image 2020-05-18 at

Hilder Koriang Otita

Founder and E.D

Ms. Hilder Otita is a licenced Clinician and Fouding Director of Afro Health Connect. She has extensive experience in the healthcare industry both in Uganda and D.R.C.


Dr Racheal Lodou

Technical Lead - Telepharmacy

Dr Rachel is a licensed pharmacist passionate about philanthropy, women empowerment, health education and mental health. She is a mental health advocate.


Dr. Michael Oling

Technical Advisor/Lead

Dr Michael Oling is a Laparoscopic Surgeon, a Medical Director at Ruby Medical Center. He is one of our volunteers and Technical Advisor on Medical Projects.

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