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China is the mainsupplier of Europe in several products. Approximately since 2009, China hasaimed to build up a maritime route known as OBOR (One Belt, One Road). The maingoal of this project is to develop a safe trading corridor to export Chineseproducts to all European countries in a fluid way with lower international tax.However, the geostrategic trouble begins in the South Chinese Sea as there aremany bordering countries which are trying to control the area by carrying outmilitary operations with their navy forces. This fact poses a major threat forthe effectiveness of the OBOR route. Presumably, to afford the conflict China hasdesigned a strategic plan to quickly develop its navy to become one of the mostimportant in the world.

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The main diplomatic conflicts in the OBOR route are among United States, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia and the Philippine Islands ([12]). The following map shows the specific areas that are diplomatically confronted with China and the rest of the countries mentioned before.

In this APT 40 or Leviathan campaign, the countries that received cyberattacks were USA, Malaysia, Cambodia, Brunei, Philippine Islands and Hong Kong. The relation among the States involved in this geostrategic conflict in the Chinese Sea and the organizations that have been targeted by APT 40 is highly strong. Moreover, it is important to mention that Saudi Arabia, Germany, Norway and UK has been targeted by Leviathan ([1]).

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