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[S4E16] Presenting My New Team

In Dance Moms 100th episode, Abby finally presents her new junior elite competition team during pyramid leaving the original team and moms in shock. With her new team in place, original dancers are pitted against new ones.

[S4E16] Presenting My New Team

Abby wanted a whole team of Maddies, not Kalanis, chimes in another mother who is momentarily nameless, but is actually Loree Cloud, owner/director of New England Dance & Gymnastic Centers. Also, I am changing the spelling of my official Dance Moms name to Lorii, effective immediately. That double-vowel thing just looks so snappee.

Jeanette says she thinks CWAY has a such a big chip on her shoulder because she thinks Sarah should have been a part of the original team. Jodi tries to knock said chip off by saying they need to be a team the way their daughters are being a team.

In the hallway on the way to the stage, Abby tells both teams that off the stage they are friends. On the stage, they are opponents. In the auditorium, the EnsembleMoms are relegated to the row behind the Pitt Crew.

I liked that maddie was changed to the new team. Because this time, we actually got to see Chloe and the others get some camera time. This one time, no Maddie in front, all the camera time with me trying to spot Chloe, or Nia.

That's how Aram finds Dembe marching him out of his own apartment at gunpoint. He leaves Janet, and the Post Office team is quickly on the scene. Samar doesn't love finding out Janet was mid-lather when Dembe showed up, but she's also the only one who's immediately on board with Janet helping them track Aram using a key-finder he has attached to his keys. He just has to get near someone with an active cell phone, and they'll be able to track him.

And why did Kate agree to join forces with him? To protect Elizabeth. Red wants her on his team as "a trusted voice, a cool head, and undaunted initiative in a messy situation." Kate says fine, with one stipulation: "If you ever put me in a situation where I have to choose between what's best for you and what's best for her, I will choose Elizabeth. Every time."

We next get a scene at Star Labs, where Iris shows off her new speedster abilities. They discuss what their plan is to get Matthew. Here, Matthew receives his name: Melting Point. Next, we get another scene between Harry and Cisco, as they argue over the thinking cap. Caitlin tries to get Cisco to help Harry with his thinking cap as it is their only plan. Meanwhile, Barry trains with Iris to help her get used to her current speedster powers. We see more great acting from Grant and Candice, as Barry begins to lose hope, believing that DeVoe is taking everything from him. However, when a fire starts nearby, Iris heads out to save the day as the temporary team speedster. She saves the witnesses and heads inside to stop the fire. However, when she is injured due to her inexperience, she is breached out of the fire by Cisco. This does a great job to show Iris as a hero, and give her a good beginning point to improve on as the episode progresses.

The episode "JoJo Steals the Show" from season 5 is considered one of the show's best episodes. In this episode, Abby Lee Miller has the girls competing against a rival dance team from California. Jojo is able to step in and help the team with a solo performance at the last minute, showing off her talents and winning the competition for the team. This episode has some of the best performances from the show, and is a great watch.

The drama continues on Dance Moms as Abby Lee Dance Company kicks off the new season with a bang. Abby announces that she will be holding open call auditions across the country in search of new dancers, making the current team members uneasy about their place on the team. In the midst of the auditions, Brooke has a special surprise when she is invited up on stage to sing with Country Star Jana Kramer. This is a big opportunity for Brooke to showcase her talents in front of a large audience.

The competition among the team members is fierce and the pressure is on for them to make sure they stand out with their performances. This episode is sure to be full of suspense and excitement as the team members try to make sure they secure their spot on the team. It will be interesting to see who will rise to the challenge and show Abby that they are the best dancer of the bunch.

While the ALDC is in Los Angeles to compete at Nationals, Abby makes a major announcement that will forever change the Elite Competition Team. Ex-ALDC dance mom, Jeanette, stalks the team to LA and vows revenge against Abby. Cathy schemes to ruin Abby's west coast visit by challenging the ALDC to a dance off, and everyone is shocked when Abby's moves steal the show.

Abby presents her new junior elite competition team during pyramid, which shocks the original squad and their moms. With the new troupe in place, original dancers are pitted against their new counterparts.

With the cloud of Abby's open auditions looming over the team, everyone is on edge as the Abby Lee Dance Company competes with the Candy Apples for the first time since Nationals. Chloe and Kendall battle each other out for the number two spot and Dance Mom Leslie is feeling the pressure as Payton's future with the team is called into question.

Nationals are a day away, and with all of the distractions of Hollywood, the moms worry Abby has not given enough attention to the routines. With Cathy using the song that made Maddie famous, Abby considers pulling an ALDC solo to let Maddie dance. Stakes have never been higher as Abby threatens to cut the losing team and Christi and Chloe make a heart-wrenching decision

Their moms have had the floor to air their feuds, frustrations and alliances; now, for the first time ever, it's the girls' turn to dish the dirt. With guest appearances from Asia Ray and Vivi, the dancers speak their mind on everything from Abby to their former teammates, the moms fighting, and everything in between... and there are no moms allowed!

With her mother's health declining, Abby leaves the girls and moms to fend for themselves at this week's competition. Abby's announcement of the impending arrival of a brand new team looms over Abby's original team.

Tensions are high when Abby swaps Chloe and Christi for the Select Team's Jade and Loree in the third head-to-head battle between the Elite and Select teams in Washington, D.C. Both teams are anxious to impress Abby when she announces that Nationals are just five weeks away. Jeanette and Ava are thrilled to compete in a solo against Maddie until it becomes obvious that the odds are stacked against them.

This week the ALDC heads to Shenandoah Valley, VA but with Maddie away filming a guest appearance on Ellen, Abby realizes that her #1 dancer's career is taking off and she'll need someone who can win in Maddie's absence. Abby pits Chloe, Nia and Kendall head to head to see who can step up to the plate with character driven solos. Christy's jealousy puts her daughter Sarah's place on the team in dire jeopardy.

The contestants will have to camp overnight, conceptualize their menu, and have an extremely limited amount of equipment to work with: a camping knife, a flint for starting a fire, a cast iron skillet, and a wooden spoon. One team will get 3 rabbits to work with as their protein, and the other will have 6 pigeons.

Rainbow Dash and her Pegasus team stop by the cottage to retrieve the Breezies, but Fluttershy asks for a little more time. Inside, she and the Breezies are having a party. Having reached his wit's end, Seabreeze breaks the party up and expresses his yearning for home. Fluttershy agrees and is about to guide the Breezies on their journey again, but the Breezies are insistent on staying. Fluttershy asks Seabreeze for a couple more hours but discovers that he's gone. She looks through the open peephole in her front door and sees Seabreeze flying away on his own.

Rainbow and her Pegasus team are unable to make a breeze moderate enough to carry the Breezies home, with Fluttershy stating it's because there are too few of them to face the wind together. With a spell she learned from a book in the Castle of the Two Sisters, Twilight transforms herself and her friends into Breezies to accompany the creatures home. As one of the Breezies tires during the journey, Seabreeze offers words of encouragement and apologizes for his earlier harshness.

Tour guide: All righty everyone, everyone please step all the way out. We've arrived at Level 28. Can anyone guess at what special room is on this floor?Boy: The gate room!Tour guide: That's very, very close... Anyone else?Jackson: Uh, he's right. It's the Gate room.Tour guide: What I'm sure many of you don't know is that officially it was known as the "embarkation room" because that's where the SG teams "embarked" from. Okay, now we're walking...This way.

An idea that obviously will culminate in a season finale that sends all the characters (except Glassman and the newbies) on a relief mission to a rural hospital in Guatemala. Presenting them with challenges that supposedly only can be overcome in a strong team.

Alex is then accidentally gunned down and killed by one of his own, which causes a large shootout, with Rick, Michonne, Carl, and Daryl fleeing. They are being forced down several alleyways that are riddled with bullets, indicating that the Terminus survivors have treated many other newcomers the same way. During the chase, the team briefly turns to their left as they are running and some bones and flesh scattered over a blue tarp can clearly be seen in the foreground. Muffled cries for help can also be heard from nearby cargo containers. The group soon make it to the back fence of Terminus, but stop, as they see many Terminus residents lined up outside the surrounding fences with guns. Once again, Gareth orders the four of them to lower their own weapons. With no other choice, Rick surrenders. After this, Gareth calls them by specific nicknames to walk into the boxcar positioned on their right: Rick (Ringleader), Daryl (Archer), Michonne (Samurai) and Carl (the Kid) in that order. After entering the car and closing the door, they end up finding Bob, Maggie, Sasha, Glenn, Tara, Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene. Rick notices Tara from the Governor's army but says nothing. Abraham remarks that they won't be there for long, to which Rick remarks "No." 041b061a72

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