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M (1).mp4

For .mp4 files (which I obtained from a 50 minute tv episode, downloadable only in three parts, as three .mp4 video files) the following was an effective solution for Windows 7, and does NOT involve re-encoding the files.

m (1).mp4

Download Zip:

The batch file, and ffmpeg.exe, must both be put in the same folder as the .mp4 files to be joined. Then run the batch file. It will typically take less than ten seconds to run.. is because "ffmpeg does not support PCM (pcm_alaw, pcm_s16le, etc) in the MP4 container." See here: codec not currently supported in container and here. So, run time ffmpeg -f concat -safe 0 -i inputs.txt -c:v copy -c:a aac output.mp4 instead, to re-encode the audio into AAC format. Or, run time ffmpeg -f concat -safe 0 -i inputs.txt -c copy output.mkv to write into a .mkv container instead of into a .mp4 container.

If you want to play your videos in a particular order, this can be easily done as well. The projector will default to playing your video files into an alpha-numeric order. If you rename your videos with a numbered prefix this should force the videos to play in a particular order. For example your videos might be named "01-skeletons.mp4", followed by "02-witch.mp4, "03-pumpkins.mp4", "04-ghosts.mp4" etc.

If you look at the file name, you will notice that it matches the name of your AtmosFX decoration except that the symbols " ._" appear in front. An example would be "._Boo-Crew.mp4" instead of "Boo-Crew.mp4". The "._" files in in your folder are hidden files created by a Mac when .zip files are opened. They can't be seen on your computer but they will appear when loaded onto other devices. Once the "._" files are deleted they will not appear again, as they are created when the .zip is first opened.

According to the official Xbox support page, if there pops a message of error 0xc00d36c4, it possibly means Xbox One doesn't support the video format. On the other hand, you need to know that .mp4 is only a file extension for MP4 container. Whether your MP4 video can be played on Xbox One or not is decided by the video codec format instead of the file extension. So you should know first what video formats with .mp4 extension are supported by Xbox One. Check the supported formats below:

Note that these are not two different pieces of video content, or a playlist; rather, they are the same video, provided in two different codecs. Browsers that support webm will preferentially download the (smaller, faster to load) .webm file; browsers that do not will load the .mp4 version. Attributes in the video tag will apply to both versions.

So the first step is to create an issue and drop the video in there, like I did here. If you edit the issue, you can see the final URL for the uploaded video, something like and looks like the following once saved:

After you finish choosing the settings you want, just hit the "Convert" button to start .mp4 to .mp3 sound file conversion on Mac and wait until it is done processing. It may take several minutes depending on the length of the video and the setting you choose, but you will be able to monitor the entire process. 041b061a72

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