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one of the greatest things about saboteur is the way you can play it with as many players as you want. as long as you have the required number of cards, you can play with 2, 3, 4, or 5 players, or whatever you want. ive played it with up to six people on my kitchen table, and ive seen it played with seven, eight, and even nine people. but even if you play with a tight group of friends, that doesnt mean you cant play with as many as you want. in fact, i find that playing with multiple players really helps keep the game moving, as each player is constantly trying to outwit the others. one of the other great things about saboteur is that, as long as you have the right number of cards, you can play it by just dealing the cards out and not shuffling. you can even play with two decks and just deal out the cards from each deck, and it all works great.

the saboteur map fix cracked

this game is also a perfect introduction to the hidden role genre. it looks fairly simple, and is easy to teach, but the way you play it is truly clever. rather than having a particular advantage or skill that isnt available to others, you simply look at cards in your hand and try and guess what cards are in other players hands. each player draws a role card, and then looks at a player card, and if it has a marker, they pass the card to the next person in clockwise fashion. in my experience, the ability to see the other players cards before anyone else is the most exciting part of saboteur. not only does it help keep the game moving, but when you are completely clueless, its hard to predict what card someone else is going to draw next. so, i think saboteur is a perfect gateway game for hidden role. and if you like its little bluffing element, it also works well with a game of pass it to the left.

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