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Subtitle Unfaithful

At the start of Cost fan tutte, the last of the three collaborations between Mozart and Lorenzo Da Ponte, Don Alfonso sets up an experiment to prove his hypothesis that all women, given the opportunity, will be unfaithful. His approach is that of a pedagogue, true to the libretto's official subtitle, La scuola degli amanti (The school for lovers), which Da Ponte felt more accurately described its contents. Deliberately or not, Charles Ford borrows something of Don Alfonso's drily scientific method for his own demonstration. He constantly and rather pedantically flags up his book's structure and trajectory: with section titles such as "The Project" and "Conclusions to Part II", and sentences such as "This chapter falls into three parts in accordance with the operas", this is not a book whose tone will appeal to the general theatregoer for whom the "Da Ponte operas" remain guaranteed box-office attractions. Ford almost entirely eschews reference to the works as they have been produced and performed, in favour of testing Mozart's procedures against the intellectual assumptions of his age.

subtitle Unfaithful

Be careful what you wish for. Computer geek Elliot (Fraser) is granted seven wishes when he runs into a beautiful woman named the Devil (Hurley). Of course, every time he makes a wish, the Devil finds a way to mess things up. For instance, when Elliot wishes for money and power, he turns into a Colombian drug lord with an unfaithful wife. His funniest characters arrive in the form of an overly sensitive geek and an NBA star who has uncontrollable sweat glands. This remake of the 1967 movie starring Peter Cook and Dudley Moore is quite funny and eye-catching. By Lisa Leigh Parney

Riveting documentary about two Long Island families debating the best way to raise their deaf children. One considers a surgical procedure that promises to provide normal hearing and facilitate a normal life, while the other contends that deafness is neither a handicap nor a limitation. Rarely does a movie combine so much genuine human drama with such vivid exemplifications of "identity politics" and other sociocultural issues. In English with English subtitles

The poignant story of a poverty-stricken family's quest to find medical attention for a child during a harsh winter on the Iran-Iraq border. The tale is simply told but stunningly photographed and superbly acted in the best tradition of modern Iranian cinema. In Kurdish and Farsi with English subtitles Subtitled Japanese AV - Exclusively and professionally English subtitled bizarre and maniac Japanese AV. Updated twice a week with full-length movies available nowhere else. is the ONLY Full Immersion Japanese AV Site!

One HK programmer says it's difficult to capture the argot insubtitles. He also believes the pic went out on too many screens (17) and UIPshould have waited to capitalize on the expected buzz from Academy Awardnoms. 041b061a72

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