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Afro Health Connect is digitizing the hospital experience, all your medical needs at a push of a button.

Call, get in touch by booking an appointment to see one of our healthcare providers. With or without a smartphone, we connect you to a healthcare provider remotely from anywhere. Choose from a wide range of products sourced from your favorite neighborhood pharmacies we work with. We do deliveries 24/7/365 around Kampala. We offer state of the art virtual consults tailored to your needs.

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Meet Our Team

Dr Michael Oling

Board certified Laparoscopic Surgeon

Fridha Chepchumba

Board certified Nurse Practitioner, BNS

Maurice Osire Tukei

Board Certified Clinical Psychologist

Dr Michael

Board certified paediatrician

Hilder Koriang

Board certified Clinician, DCM, MBChB

Arthur Wekhoola

Board certified Speech and Language Pathologist, SLT

Dr Ozelle Herbert

Board Certified Gynaecologist, and Obstetrician

Dr Jean

Board certified dermatologist

Dr Racheal Lodou

Board certified Pharmacist, BPharm

Dr Henry Dabanja

Board Certified Urologist

Mr. Wabuteya Patrick

Board Certified Clinician, DCM, MBChB

Mr. Katabasasa John

Board Certified Biomedical Engineer

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